Ezi-Fit Stacked Stone Still as Popular as Ever!

Although random and loose ledge stone veneers have increased in popularity with Architects and Designers in recent times, our manufactured Ezi-Fit stacked stone veneers are still as popular as ever.

Advantages of choosing our Ezi-Fit stone veneers are multi-fold, namely;

Available in pre-fabricated 90 degree external corners allow for best edge finishing – no mitre join lines or sharp edges.
Less labour costs as there is no need to site cut to create mitred corners – as much as half your installation time saved!
Due to its aerated aggregate infills, our products are durable and are easy to cut – angle grinders with masonry or diamond blade is all you need!
Being non-combustible it is ideal for Fireplace surround projects.
A quick way to add texture to any wall, replicating the look and feel of quarried ledge stone blocks but without the high costs of employing a stonemason – perfect for Builders and DIYers.
Unlike natural stone, Ion bleed out is not a problem therefore no unsightly Ion stains.