Bring Nature Inside with InfinitiStone Stone Cladding


Stone veneers are not restricted to exterior applications. Interior design work with interior stone cladding is another option. Stone cladding interior accent walls are a good way to get the look of an exterior space inside.

There are many reasons to choose stone cladding to improve the look of your home. The weight of cladding veneer is much less than the weight of full sized stones. Unless you are building a structural wall from ground up, there is a good chance that the building you own cannot structurally support full-sized stone added to the walls. Due to the light weight factor of the veneers, in most cases, there is no need to redesign your house footings. You can usually safely add it to existing structures without too much concern over added weight.

Fireplaces are traditionally the most common way to use stone cladding inside however, with Infiniti Stone manufactured stone veneers; you can design to incorporate stacked stone cladding within your Living room and bathroom spaces with great results!