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KIRRA-Natural Rusty Limestone IS-N224

Who Are We?
Welcome to InfinitiStone, a wholly Australian owned and operated business located in Melbourne.
We have built a reputation for being a positive, forward thinking business and as such have grown to be a leading supplier of manufactured and natural architectural stone wall cladding products in Australia. Our belief is that our Clients keep us in business therefore our emphasis is on providing a specialist, professional and prompt service in the supply and delivery of our products to the building industry.


Manufactured Ballarat Random Field 82SB

July 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Manufactured Ballarat Random Field 82SB

We thank Hunter & Barrel for selecting our manufactured random field 82SB loose stone as their main stone feature walling at their Eastland Restuarant Fitout. Thumbs up to their Designers; an amazing result!

KIRRA Split Loose Limestone Cladding

March 8th, 2018|Comments Off on KIRRA Split Loose Limestone Cladding

Natural. Modern. Rustic...KIRRA. Like it? Search KIRRA on our website for more information.

ALLAMBIE Quartz Limestone

September 7th, 2017|Comments Off on ALLAMBIE Quartz Limestone

Our ALLAMBIE is a natural quartz limestone loose veneer, produced for easy cladding over structurally sound substrates. Being split and chipped on front + side faces and sawn cut at the back, this allows for [...]


July 17th, 2017|Comments Off on KIRRA 224 and ALLAMBIE 13100 BLEND

The beauty of Natural Stone is its’ uniqueness in texture, profile and colour tones from piece to piece. To accentuate this even further, blending different stone types. On a recent project, a customer was bold [...]