Natural Split Limestone & Granite Veneers for Outdoor & Indoor designs

InfinitiStone® natural split limestone and granite stone veneer is your new go to product for dressing up plain concrete, suitable cementitious lined or masonry walls.

Bring nature back into your next garden or indoor/outdoor feature wall design by introducing natural loose stone veneers. Some of the benefits of using InfinitiStone® natural stone veneers are;

• Easy application onto most structurally sound wall substrates with minimal preparation works required,

• All loose stone veneers are split on 4-5 faces and sawn at back, allowing for easy adhesive application,

• Natural stone veneers add texture and depth – ideal for indoor and outdoor cladding projects, including fireplace surrounds,

• Factory cut external 90 degree corners are available on most ranges, allowing for easy installation, especially around pillars – as much as half your installation time saved!