Manufactured Stone Cladding

InfinitiStone® is committed to providing a range of stone veneers that is not only of unparalleled quality but is also lightweight, durable, affordable, easy to install, and realistic – fusing the ancient majesty of natural stone with a modern versatility of application.

Our range of manufactured architectural stone veneer products offer the most authentic representation of natural stone possible. Hand crafted from hundreds of different pieces of natural stone molds each product is made from the same basic ingredients that nature has used to form natural stone over the course of millions of years, its colour and texture created using a unique blend of cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments.

Where natural stone is notoriously difficult to manipulate InfinitiStone® is easy to use. It may be adhered to practically any prepared, clean, untreated, structurally sound surfaces including cementituous wallboards, concrete/cement board or masonry walls. Further, it is as little as a third of the weight of natural stone, thereby eliminating the need for additional footing and wall ties in most instances. It is also easy to cut and generally available in corner pieces for easy column installations – perfect for DIY projects.

Contextual versatility is another InfinitiStone® strength – applicable for interior and exterior landscaping, as well as for commercial and residential architecture purposes. Also, as generally no structural changes need to be made before applying Infiniti Stone, it can be used trouble free in both new and old homes, either to incorporate space, bringing the outdoors inside, or to emphasise design and continuity in colour and texture schemes.


Not only is it affordable and easy to install, but InfinitiStone® is also simple to maintain. Periodic washing to remove surface dust and debris is all that is required.