Ezi-Fit Modern Stacked Stone 21

Flats  Now $76.50 /m2, 
Corners Now $40.50/lm
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Ezi-Fit Modern Stacked Stone is our most popular range, loved by builders and DIYs alike. Builders love it because it allows them to enhance the look of their projects quickly and economically. DIYs love it because they can install it themselves with little technical knowledge and thus save on installer fees. As the name suggests this range is very easy to install. Pieces come in panel/tile form and once adhered to a surface there is no need for grouting ie dry stacked.

Prefabricated external corners are available.

Dimensions, Sizing & Packaging
Flats: 100mmH x 500mmL, 300mmL, 200mmL (comes random in pre-packed boxes)
Corners: 100mmH x 180mm Long Leg & 90mm Short Leg (external dimensions), internally 150mm Long and 50mm Short Legs. +/- 5mm
Thickness & Weight: 20-30mm, 35kg/m2
Packaging Available in 0.5m2/box Flats and 1.2lm/box Corners.

If you would like to know more about a specific product or if you need more technical information, simply email to support@infinitistone.com.au or contact us on 1300 238 288 and we will get back to you in quick time.

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