Our KIRRA natural rusty limestone veneers are perfect for your next residential or commercial stone feature wall project, suitable for both exterior and interior designs.

The ability of limestone to readily adapt to various architectural designs, along with its pleasing natural colour tones and durability are advantages that have all worked together to maintain the stone’s timeless beauty.


Comes in Yellow, golden brown tones, blue/grey with varying tones it offers timeless elegance and unsurpassed durability to all residential and commercial projects.


Our KIRRA natural rusty limestone are split at front and side faces with sawn backings, ensuring easier installation. Sizes are supplied in random irregular shaped stone veneers ranging from 100-400mm High x 100-400mm Long, thickness 10-40mm varying. Corners available – up to 400mm Long varying.

weight & packaging

Approximate 60 kg/m²

Sold in minimum 5m2/Crate flats and 12Lm/Crate Corners


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