Welcome To InfinitiStone, Your Natural Choice in Stone Cladding

Welcome to InfinitiStone by DiyHQ, a wholly Australian owned and operated business located in Melbourne.

We have built a reputation for being a positive, forward thinking business and as such have grown to be a leading supplier of manufactured and natural architectural stone veneer and cladding products in Australia. Our belief is that our Clients keep us in business therefore our emphasis is on providing a specialist, professional and prompt service in the supply and delivery of our products to the building industry.


Who is InfinitiStone

Being a product of DIYHQ, we have over 20 years of Consumer and building industry know how, with a reliable network of reputable national freight forwarders to deliver nationally – at competitive prices.
As we continue to strive for improvement in servicing our industry, we will progressively increase our list of reseller, ensuring we can service our customers as conveniently as possible outside of Melbourne.
Should you require further information on our products, you are most welcome to go to our Contact Us page and submit your enquiry or alternatively, contact us on 1300 238 288 or go to our Store Finder to find your nearest Stockist for assistance.
In an industry where very little testing has been done to date, measuring genuine environmental impact is a complex and lengthy process. As a result, the process of accurately identifying and measuring InfinitiStone’s impact is an ongoing one.

Our current commitment is to control what we can and offset where we can to ensure our environmental impact can be minimised. In due course, we plan to donate a percentage of our business income to genuine sustainable organisations. As these organisations are in a far advanced position to deliver social and environmental benefits than us alone we believe by offering financial support we can play our part in assisting with ensuring a greener, environmentally friendlier Earth!

We will continue to update this page as we progress with our sustainability processes however in the interim, we welcome any suggestions from our Clients and if feasible we will enforce same accordingly.

For now, we have acquired the services of a certified environmental Waste Management Company to manage our recyclable waste such as cardboard, paper, etc. This is a start!

A Product of DIYHQ
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